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5 Ways To Overcome Daddy Issues And Become A Strong Woman

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Most women have daddy issues for one reason or another.

Some women have daddy issues either because their fathers were not there so they suffer from rejection or because their fathers were just horrible. For whatever reason you may be going through daddy issues you need to overcome those struggles and become a stronger woman. Your father was the first man who was meant to have shown you how a man should treat you but if he wasn’t there then you need to deal with these issues. Here are ways to overcome daddy issues and just become a better you.

1. Understand that his rejection doesn’t make you who you are

His decision to leave you had nothing to do with you. If he was a deadbeat that has everything to do with you because he is an irresponsible person and perhaps even selfish.

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2. Be honest about your relationship with your dad

Don’t lie to yourself and pretend that everything is okay because it probably isn’t. Be honest about the state of your relationship and work from there. If you try and mask emotions and pretend that everything is fine it will erupt in a bad way.

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3. Forgive him and accept him as he isĀ 

He is who he is and at the end of the day you cannot change someone unless they decide to change. Forgive your dad because it means you let go of baggage which will leave you at a better place as a person.

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4. Stop expecting too much

Just because you want your dad to change doesn’t mean that he will. Don’t have any expectations for him because you as his daughter knows that he has not been a good dad for a while so why should he change now?

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5. Request a change and be patient

Talk to him if he is approachable and tell him how you really feel. Do it in a respectful manner but don’t expect him to beg and ask for forgiveness. If he has been absent from your life then you should write a letter to your father and burn it afterwards as a way of letting go.

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I understand the problems that come with not having a father figure around you. At the end of the day we are all born into families and situations that we did not choose the only thing you can do is work on becoming better as person. Do not let your father’s rejection or mistakes pull you back.

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