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Toxic Relationships We Are Leaving Behind In 2018

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Happy new year!! (Emphasis on happy).

Let’s just get right to it shall we? I mean, is there another topic that was extensively discussed in 2018 other than toxic people? You’d think we’d be well educated but…oh well, here we go. Put your mask on.


Oooohhhhh..We’re starting with the big one! I’m sure this December, a few of us have had to put up with well meaning advice from friends and family about our love lives, or lack thereof, ahem, and as annoying as that is, perhaps they’re onto something. Maybe you no longer have that sparkle in your eye or you don’t laugh as much because of your relationship. Be brave, end it. You are a fine piece of ass and that’s all you need to get laid this rebound season! We waiting for you out here!

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2. Friends

You know, we don’t talk enough about how much pain our friends cause us.  There’ s always that one friend that will try to do you dirty. But we are no longer accepting this! It hurts when you have to let friends go. But it would do you more damage if you let energy stealing, aura darkening stank ass witches in your space. Block them, say a chant and flourish!

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3. Family

Okay so I don’t mean pack a bag and drive off to go live in a commune at the Mara without your boo and baby. We don’t do that here.

But family can be toxic and i see y’all still reeling from the World Known Facts about your life that YOU found out mid fighting for a drumstick in the kitchen. Cut. Them. Off. Snip snip.

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Ndio hayo kwa sasa. Please don’t argue with us, we are not interested in toxic people in 2019. Let’s all say it together now, GOODBYE FELICIA!!

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