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This Is Why You Keep Falling For Men With Babies

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Men holding pets or babies are the hottest thing on planet earth.

We know you agree. There’s just something comfortingly sexy about a guy in charge of something so delicate as a baby.
Call it survival instinct, but women are naturally attracted to masculine strength. It’s a turn on to see a guy care for fragile things like pets and babies because it makes him look like a responsible person.

The idea: A man who can take care of himself can ultimately take care of you and your babies.


It’s no wonder Instagram pages like Hot dudes with Dogs have over four hundred thousand followers.
A study in the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment found that women gave men their mobile numbers 40 percent of the time if she saw him playing with a child in the waiting room.
Guys who didn’t only succeeded 12 percent of the time.

This is because men with babies look more approachable, fun and bright enough to be warm and accommodating.

*Licks screen*


All these features insinuate the attractive personality of one capable to be a great father.

We couldn’t agree more. Men who love babies and have a soft spot for pets most often than not have really amazing personalities and are fun to hang around with.

Dear Santa, this would be perfect for next Christmas.

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