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Stop Having Unrealistic Sex, Love And Relationship Expectations

Be careful not to chase the idea of onscreen love as your version of real love.

The problem with living in this current era you can sometimes lack control of the exposure you get to everything sex, love or relationship related. It is everywhere, from adverts to music videos and to celebrities who have become stars by simply exposing us to their lives, like the most famous family, The Kardashians.

As with everything there are pros and cons, but the cons can often interfere with the perception of reality. Which makes it easy to be guilty of having unrealistic perceptions when it comes to sex, love, relationships, and even how you view yourself and your partner.

Porn can be misleading


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The purpose of porn will be to play on peoples sexual fantasy and all sex scenes will be embellished for dramatic effect. They will most definitely use individuals who look close to perfect and perform sexual acts that can often look next to impossible. So if you are a regular porn observer you will find yourself expecting what you see in porn videos to be evident in your sex life and if what you get doesn’t happen you will either leave your partner for another or cheat on them.

If you are in an intimate relationship then you should stop watching others and use that time to teach each other how you like to be sexed up, as well as experimenting with ideas that will up your sex game and get you both closer intimately.

The YouTube kind of love

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Youtube opened up this whole world of where couples come on our computer screens and take us on these amazing lives that they live. There is no couple nor is there a person who is always positive, happy and looking their best.

Granted that there are some successful youtube couples, but that is because they have learnt how to make their relationship work and some of it they will share with us but ultimately what makes them win is something they have consistently worked on. Then they some that in the end openly break up catastrophically.

Stop chasing that YouTube kind of love and just enjoy the love that you have with your partner

Stop comparing yourself to video vixens or  social media models 

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Every woman these days has a squat type of booty, perky boobs and weave the length of your body not to mention perfect makeup on, then you look at yourself in the mirror and you are nothing in comparison to the women you’re objected to constantly look at.

Stop admiring others and learn to work with what you have. You could be the real-life fantasy that he can have and believe it or not, you might well be who he admires and wants. So start spending time looking your best and feeling your best, you will soon realise the world has room for your beauty too.

Stop falling for celebrities and expecting to find him in real life

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It’s fine to find a celebrity attractive, but don’t go expecting that you will find him when for starters he doesn’t even live in the same country as you. Also, your admiration is purely on what you see not on what you really know about him.

So in that same regard, your fantasy and expectations cannot be met if you’re looking for Trey Songz in a lover and getting disappointed when you meet Njuguna at your local, yet Njuguna can more than likely meet your needs and wants if you just gave him a chance.

The problem with expectations is they will always set you up for failure!

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