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6 Secrets Every Woman Should Keep From Her Man

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He may think he knows you like the back of his hand but nope!

Boy! As much as you may be in love with your partner, in a stable relationship, headed to the alter, there are some things you should NOT tell him.

Honesty is not always the best policy when it comes to some truths and are better off kept where they are love!


1. How many men you’ve had sex with.

This is a no! He really doesn’t need to know how many people have been in there before him. Anyway, rebounds, one night stands and bad sex doesn’t count!


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2. You have social media stalked ALL and I mean all of his ex’s.

You don’t want to appear phsyco but at the same time you need to know what type of women he was involved with (and their families because we know how deep stalking can get).


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3. He’s probably made you lose your appetite at least once.

Whether he was causing you stress or the love bug has got to you, this has probably happened to you.


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4. You’re still communicating with your ex’s.

Though there are those ones we have totally x’d from our lives, you probably at least have that one ex who’s cool peeps and consider your friend. We don’t want him getting insecure do we?


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5. Your BFF knows absolutely everything that goes on in the relationship.

Our closest friends are third wheels literally the whole relationship and they don’t even know.


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6. What you really think of his friends.

If you love them, great. If you don’t you’ll unfortunately just have to suck it up. You wouldn’t want him to get rid of those closest to him, maybe unless they are a bad influence.


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7. You sleep in his tee so that you can feel close to him.

So cheesy! But accurate.


Source: ruinedchildhood.com




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