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5 Scandalous Celebrity Breakups We Saw This 2018

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These celebrity couples ended their relationships in 2018 and we wonder if they will ever get back.

We have a problem letting go of some of these couples, you would think we were dating them. The thing about some of these couples is that they were purely goals. They looked the part, posted the right photos on social media and made us feel like failures. We were somewhat surprised that these couples ended their love.

1. Otile Brown and Vera Sidika 

Where do we begin with these two? People followed their love life as if they were Michelle and Obama, sadly they broke up. Although many of us anticipated the breakup we did not expect half the drama they brought on. They started posting explicit screenshots about their sex life, who borrowed money from who and it has been disastrous to say the least.

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2. Diamond and Zari

Zari finally broke it off with her cheating baby daddy and we were impressed. She picked herself up and she seems to be doing well. However, every now and then there was drama around them. It was either Diamond flaunting his women or Zari accusing him of not being a good father and this was all over the news.

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3. Jose Chameleon and Daniela

The lovebirds had a glamorous wedding but it’s a shame because they are now divorced. Daniela claimed that Jose was abusive especially when he would come home drunk. He later took it to social media and stated that he never imagined they would divorce especially because he comes from the Catholic faith.

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4. Betty Kyallo and Joho

Their love story was ever so complicated. Betty told True Love magazine that the reason why she ended it was because she did not agree to be a stay at home wife. We thought there was more to that especially because he is married anyways, or is dating married men normal nowadays?

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5. Nicah Da Queen and Ofweneke

The couple decided to split and Nicah said that Ofweneke was physically abusive, something that came as a shock to many later on. On top of that Nicah mentioned that Ofweneke was not being a supportive father.

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Image: Pulselive.co.ke

Couples break up all the time but the lesson we all got from this is that not everything we see is how it seems. These people posted the best pictures, had the best quotes but at the end of the day, pictures don’t mean everything is always okay.

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