Exclusive – Kenya’s Instagram Mum Joan Munyi Gives Single Mums Hope – ZUMI

Exclusive – Kenya’s Instagram Mum Joan Munyi Gives Single Mums Hope

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You have every reason to never give up on love!

Meet our Instagram mum Joan Munyi aka yummymummy.ke She’s a mother of two, wife to an amazingly awesome husband and a health enthusiast. This dreadlocked mum is the epiphany of a true woman giving single girls and single mums hope. Her confidence and radiance are sure set to make you love thyself.

Source: Instagram/yummymummy.ke

How has motherhood changed you? Do you feel different?

It forces you to grow up, to be more responsible, e.g. shopping after payday becomes a thing of the past, your kids definitely come first. The world stops revolving around you!

What lifestyle changes did you make with regards to healthy living?

I’m strictly on a low-carb diet and I’ve definitely cut out sugar and junk food. I replaced the unhealthy food with protein, vegetables and water. In terms of my fitness regime, I do cardio 2-3 times a week religiously. Tip: Don’t rush the process, remember to give yourself 6-8 weeks postpartum recovery before working out.

How did you transition from breastfeeding to formula?

I pumped milk for three months due to milk production/supply issues, I couldn’t breastfeed after then and that made my dieting plan easier. I started off with formula in the evenings to fill my daughter’s stomach and gave breastmilk during the day. The poop changed for sure, as for the formula I settled for when I introduced her to naan, she suffered from severe constipated and so we tried liptomil and that worked pretty well on the digestive system.

Source: Instagram/yummymummy.ke

How is a normal day like given you’re employed, have kids and have a marriage to maintain?

Yes! I’m fully employed, in a PR and Communications company. I start my morning with a school drop-off, as my daughter is home during the day and managed by our nanny. After work, I hit the gym with my husband then head home to fulfil my mum and household duties. My husband and I have a date night once a week and this is thanks to premarital counselling at Mavuno Church as they highly encouraged us to continue dating after kids.

How supportive has your hubby been since having your kids?

He has been very supportive and understanding, my weight was never an issue as we started working out together. Like many women in postpartum, the weight gain and changes in our bodies make us feel very uncomfortable but his endless support made my transition so much easier. What made it even more comforting was his enthusiasm to join me on my dieting regime. He was my cheerleader and still is. He gained weight too during my pregnancy so he was literally pregnant with me.

Source: Instagram/yummymummy.ke

What advice would you give single mothers wishing to start dating, co-parenting and managing a blended family?

Never keep your child a secret, a man should know that you’re a mother, it’s not only important that he knows what he’s up against. Also, don’t rush into finding someone, if it’s stability you’re looking for, you won’t find it in a man, you have to focus on yourself first. My husband was very open and receptive to my 8-year son and they are very fond of each other, one would have never guessed. I co-parent with my son’s father, we have a mutual understanding and of course, the children’s court has strict rules on child support, visitations guided by the parental responsibility document drafted by the court.

As a career woman, it’s important to balance between your profession and family life no matter how overwhelming it gets, make time for your family so no one suffers. For married women, remember that your marriage came before the kids, so your husband should come first. Always show a united front for the kids, if you should argue, do it in private, respect your children. Don’t forget to take care of yourself either, do whatever you love to do in your free time, I love shopping so I indulge in some retail therapy, do photo shoots every now and again. I pumper myself at the salon, have girl nights and my gym time is my energizing therapeutic time.

What’s your parting shot to ZUMI mums?

Take control of your life. Stop victimizing yourselves, you have the power to change your life. Don’t let life happen to you, make it what you want it to be.

Source: Instagram/yummymummy.ke

There you have it zumi girls and zumi mamas. Get your fitness in check when you are ready. Don’t rush into relationships, your true king awaits and is ready to love you and your kids without a doubt. Remember to find balance in all you do, whether you’re a single mum, married or single, it’s a necessity for all women. Take control of your life.

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