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Kenyan Man Accused Of Raping A Girl In Her House And Is Now Being Looked For

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A Kenyan man was accused of raping a girl in her house and he’s now being looked for.

The girl is known as Harriet Kibbagendie and reported to have been a rape victim in her own home. Her story went viral when she posted her story on her Instagram story where she narrated the unfortunate ordeal. According to her, it all began when she hurt her toe when she was out with some of her friends on Saturday the 16th of March 2019. Harriet was taken to the hospital by her friend and her friend’s friend after her wound was dressed they ended up going to Harriet’s place where the male stranger asked to sleep on the couch as he was drunk. She allowed him to sleep on the couch and she didn’t mind as long as he would leave in the morning.

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However, when she woke up to her amazement the alleged rapist was still fast asleep on her couch.

Later that Sunday a group of friends visited her but later left together with the stranger for a night out. Her alleged rapist came back to her house in the middle of the night and claimed that he had lost his phone.

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Here is what she said:

Thank God my best friend spent at my place that night. I asked him why he came back to my place yet we are not friends. He told me he lost his phone and couldn’t find whoever had his house keys. So, in my humanity, I let him in on one condition that he would leave early that morning. 

However, the next morning she still found him asleep on the couch and wondered how to throw him out.

Harriet then tried to fake a call where she pretended that her father needed to meet him in town. He offered to leave with her to go to town so she went to the shower and left him in her sitting room. As she was showering she noticed that the alleged rapist known as Pascal was staring at her as she bathed. She was obviously infuriated and at the time she realized that the man was up to no good. She ordered him to leave her house, he pretended to have agreed and asked for a glass of water before he left. He instead went to get a kitchen knife and threatened to kill her if she did not cooperate, he held the knife to her face as he raped her. To her luck, the doorbell rang and he allowed her to open the door and that’s when he quickly rushed outside and ran down the staircase.


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“The person who was at the door insisted on ringing, which made him a little scared. He let go of me and told me to cover myself and go see who was at the door. He threatened to slit my throat if I would not cooperate,” she wrote.

Harriet’s posts have since been about this man who resides in Donholm.

Her hope is that the story goes viral so that the alleged rapist can face trial for his crime. Harriet was later rushed to the hospital and reported the incidence to the  Industrial Area Police. Since then there have been people who have stood by Harriet’s case while there others who think that she is lying. Some people think that it was too naive of her to have allowed strangers into her home while others seem to think that perhaps it was a love triangle that went wrong.

It is very common for women to be victim shamed for reporting such stories and it’s very unfortunate. No one should ever have to be in such a situation and it is even saddening to think that women have to constantly keep giving explanations on behalf of the people that hurt them.

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