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How To Make A Bad Guy Feel Bad For Hurting You

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You want to make a bad guy feel bad for hurting you?

I always say that bad guys exist because we allow their nonsense behaviour to persist. They don’t change but you can teach them and show them how to respect you. When a bad guy keeps mistreating you it’s because you have shown him that you can take his bull crap. Remember, when you’re busy making a guy feel bad for hurting you, you’re not doing it for him, you’re doing it for yourself. You’re doing it to get your power back and the respect you deserve and also to get rid of the bad dude. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Don’t communicate

Silence is golden, I know it hurts and feels bad when you feel like you’re bottling so many emotions at once but silence speaks volumes. You don’t need to send long messages telling someone how they hurt you, a bad person knows when they have hurt you. A bad person will be confused when you cut off communication.

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2. Ignore him completely

Block him everywhere, I mean everywhere! You might want to keep him around to see what you’re doing but blocking him is not for him, it’s for you. You leaving communication channels open will also enable you to see what he is doing. You will be tempted to see what he is doing and to stalk him. Also, he loses power when he doesn’t know what you are up to, a bad person likes feeling in control so when he feels he has none you are taking your power back.

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3. Prove to him that you no longer need him

No, you don’t need him you may thing you do but you don’t need him. How many people have you lost, have died, have disappeared that you loved and cared for but now they are non-existent? Well, you’re still standing and you have to allow yourself to miss him before he is totally out of your system, go through the process and trust the process. Someone respects you more when they know your life can easily move on without him.

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4. Deal with your pain but figure out how to have fun and move on

Letting go of someone who keeps hurting you is literally like ripping off a band aid. You’re used to this man making you happy but he also hurts you a lot. You will go through the withdrawal symptoms, you will feel the pain, you may have a couple of sleepless nights, you may keep going back to see where you went wrong. Remember it takes time to heal, even medicine takes time to work. Figure yourself out, have fun, be around your support system and don’t be afraid to live your life, you deserve it.

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The most painful part about letting go of someone is detaching from them. But as every day goes by it always gets better, don’t go back because you don’t want to go through the pain of letting go. Love yourself so much that you realize holding on to garbage will stink you up and you don’t want to smell do you? Take care of your heart, eventually whether it takes years, days or months he will remember you and respect you for it. If he comes back crying please don’t take him back if he was ever violent, if he lied too much or was a cheating scumbag.

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