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How To Enjoy Valentines As A Single Woman

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Ugh! There are couples everywhere!

Valentines is so hard for single people. It’s like the couples that you haven’t seen all year crawl out of the wood work and are in your face 24/7. They are at the mall, at the water park, at your local, at church… They are like ants. Here are a few tips on how to survive being #TeamForeverAlone this Valentines.

1. Party Hop

There is literally no one to stop you, so you can hit up every single valentines party you want, anytime you want. This is a great way to meet interesting new people in the shortest amount possible while still having fun. Also you never know, you’re future bae could be at one of those parties.

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2. Sleep in

Finally!! You get to be reacquainted with your bed after having an on-again off-again relationship throughout the year. You can stay in and catch up on Netflix series’s that you missed out on and generally be as lazy as you want to be. What’s better than that?

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3. Throw a single people’s party

What’s better than a BYOB with other single people? You can kill 2 birds with one stone. On one hand you meet other single people and on the other hand, you get to have a great time within the confines of your own home. Even if you don’t land a bae at the party, you will get to meet new interesting friends.

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4. Volunteer

Volunteer your time this valentines. It is a time to give and look after the less fortunate in the society and there is no better way to create good karma for 2019.  Find out how you can get involved at your local church or orphanage and spread some good cheer while you’re at it.

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Single people should not feel bad about being single on valentines. You have so much to offer as a single person. Tell us in the comments what your plans for valentines are!

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