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Here’s Why Slay Queens Are Poaching Married Men!

The secret his hiding!

Married men and married women! We understand that challenges in marriage come and go, such is the way of life until he cheats on you. Who is to blame here? you as the wife? him for not controlling his manhood? or the “shameless” girl who just wants funds?

These testimonials will guide you:
married women

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I only date married men for stability, these men understand what a woman wants and needs, they will pamper you in ways you never knew possible. My apartment, cars, businesses were all gifted to me. Not only because I satisfy him in bed, but because he sees so much potential in me. I don’t love him, I just appreciate all he does for me.


These married men only want one thing, sex! they want kinky sex, anal sex, oral sex, you name it sex, and sadly their wives can’t give them that, so I’m here to service them.

married women

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The man I’m currently seeing proposed to me, he said he’s leaving his wife for me because I listen to him, I don’t nag with constant bickering. I make him feel like a man and his wife doesn’t, that’s why their marriage has been on the rocks for years now.


These young boys just want to disturb your life, use you and move to the next. Nine months later once you’ve popped that baby his nowhere to be seen. Well, that’s what happened to me and I swore to never date these primitive boys again. I met Mike, his married and has a family, we had an oops moment, when I told him I wanted to abort the baby, he begged me not to. Now my two kids are enjoying the best life has to offer. Well, he made it clear that his not leaving his wife for me, it took some time to accept it, but I like the arrangement we have.

married women

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My lover is my best friends husband, and we’ve kept this secret for almost a decade now. We love each other so much but we promised not tell her no matter what happened. I feel bad sometimes when she tells me how bad he treats her and that she suspects he’s cheating, I just play neutral on both fences and don’t disclose what they share with me. I know I’m not being a great friend but I can’t end the relationship.

married women

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Now that you know, what do you intend to do? Leave? Stay? Whatever decision you make, do it wisely, save your marriage for the right reasons if you choose to exit with a bang and heels. Some men have an ego, but a needy side too, that’s one side you’ll never see but the hints will be present. Observe and start pleasing your man.

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