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7 Signs He Doesn’t Like You That Much

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I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation where you think of the person you are with and you’re not really sure if he’s stringing you along but deep down you kind of know he is.

There are a few ways you can tell if your man is not at all serious with your relationship, and he’s just keeping you close for whatever twisted reasons. Girl, take back your power and don’t accept nonsense like this. Here are a few signs to look out for.

1. He doesn’t respond to your texts immediately

Simply put: you are not a priority in his life and he isn’t going to drop whatever he’s doing to make an effort to talk to you. He’ll communicate when he’s attended to the real priorities in his life, whatever/whoever those are.

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2. Poor communication

He will barely call you. If you’re honest, some of you have literally been ghosted, other than when he wants to “Netflix and chill”. He has poor communication skills and keeps giving crappy excuses for his doing so.

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3. When he finally does contact you, it will mostly be at night

Sometimes it’s not even Netflix and Chill. It’s just chill, and he may care less whether you enjoyed chilling, in which case you really have to ask yourself what you’re getting out of this whole thing. If he calls when he’s done with all his other plans and you’re the last thing on his to-do list, the one he reaches out to when he’s run out of ideas for how else to occupy his time, not because yours is the last voice he wants to hear before he sleeps… He’ll try to reassure you, but you know better, right?

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4. You’re always the one who suggest dates

He hardly ever makes the effort to take you out (and I don’t mean to the club). He’s always waiting for you to set an agenda for what to do, and this is only after you’ve insisted.


5. When you do finally go out (after much convincing) it’s always with a group of his friends

You barely do dates just the two of you. He probably doesn’t want the two of you to get too close, since he doesn’t intend for anything serious to happen between the two of you anyway.



6. This must be one of the funniest:

When you start distancing yourself from them, that’s when they start trying to draw you closer. They will be on their best behaviour but it will only last for a while, until you’re sucked back into their web, and forgotten again. It’s a trap! Don’t fall for this classic move.

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7. He doesn’t draw the line when it comes to other women

Whatever he does for you, he will comfortably do for other women and when you question this, he will tell you how they are his friends and you’re being insecure.

he's leading you on giff- Zumi


Don’t be tempted to chase a man to like you. At the end of the day, a man will want you wrapped around his little finger but be in love with someone else. Remember you are enough. The person whose love you need the most is your own. Stop trying to prove to someone that you’re enough for him.

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