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A Workable Formula To Becoming The Happy Couple You Always Wanted To Be

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You’ve seen that happy couple everyone wants to be like?

I’m sure you wonder how they do it. No matter how long (or short) the relationship has been, there are just those things a couple has to do to be happy and content in the relationship and you can try them too!

1.Compliment Your Person

Never get tired of dishing out the compliments, ever! I’m sure there is something that stands out about your partner, and you should constantly let them know. This will leave them feeling good about themselves.

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2. Agree to Disagree

Not every single issue you have between the two of you can be solved (One hopes the important ones are, though). At the end of the day, you are two different people and will clash sometimes. You have to learn to compromise and accept that some things just have to be the way they are.

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3. Go Out Of Your Way

You should make an effort to do special things for each other every now and then. Even the little things can go a very long way.

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4. Separate Your Lives

I’m sure you’ve seen (or have been, no judging) those couples that do EVERYTHING together. This is so far from healthy. You should keep both of your varying interests and at the end of the day, this will help you have a lot more to share when you come together again. Give him time to miss you!

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5. Pretend You’ve Just Met

You may find this a bit corny, but you’d be surprised the wonders it will work for your relationship. It will definitely boost the connection between you two and remind you of the little things you love about each other.

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6. Have Realistic Expectations

We all want the world from the people we decide to commit to, but realistically speaking, no one can give you the world. Sure it was all fun and games at the beginning of the relationship, but you should know that this phase won’t last forever. A long-term relationship has its ups and downs and the sooner you both realize this, the better.

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7. Listen To Each Other

Disagreements can be draining and especially if they keep recurring over the same subject. It’s important to listen to what the other likes and doesn’t like to avoid having the same arguments, which can lead to something much worse.

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8. Stand Up For Them

You should always protect your partner. There is nothing worse than the feeling of your better half not being on your side.

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9. Learn To Be Partners

As much as you should lead separate lives, there are things you should always come together for. Being in a long-term relationship requires important decision-making which needs the two of you to be a part of.

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10. Support Each Other

This can be career-wise or pertaining to whatever else makes the other happy. Do not tear down their interests and aspirations just because they don’t make sense to you (and we all know some things do not make ANY sense at all to us, like why he needed to buy that 80 inch HD TV to watch his sports?)

happy couple- Zumi

Source: elite daily

All in all, it takes two people to make a relationship work. So do your bit to light the fire. Hopefully, your partner will reciprocate, and you’ll multiply your individual efforts to realize a rich and happy relationship. Yes we can!

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