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Dos And Don’ts Of Bagging A Bae That’ll Last Longer Than Valentine’s Flowers

The dating game can be quite a fun experience but when you want to get booed up your approach to it has to be different.

After being in this dating game for a while I have learnt a few things on what leads to a good dating experience and what will most likely result in you never calling them back or them not calling you either.

So here are some simple “Dos and Don’ts” that you could consider applying, to start winning in the dating game saga:

1. Do dress to impress

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First impressions are lasting impressions.

When someone meets you for the first time, they will begin to form an identity of who they believe you to be and this will most likely add or subtract to there attraction towards you.

2. Don’t reveal too much

The cardinal rules of fashion are simple if you show a bit of cleavage then balance it out with showing only your legs from the knee downwards. Dress how you want to be addressed not how you want to be undressed.

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3. Do talk less but listen and observe more

You have one mouth, two ears and two eyes for a reason. Practice the art of listening and even listen to what is not being said for often that is what we need to pay attention to the most.

4. Don’t overshare information

Until you are comfortable around this person and have at least met there friends and some family members, then share only what is necessary to be shared. Keep the mystery going for as long possible, to keep the desire of them wanting to see you.


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5. Do pay attention to their actions

Actions speak louder than words. People will say what they think they want you to hear but only those who are committed will follow up their words with actions. So if the talk is more and the actions less, then this is a great indicator of whether the relationship you’re forming is worth investing on.

6. Don’t compromise on your principles

If it doesn’t feel right then it more than likely will never be right. Don’t compromise on your principles because in the end you lose yourself and in turn your value.

Relationships will always be a gamble but never settle for anything less than what you deserve. If you are in your 20s and are struggling in your relationship, read this to get more insight on how to cope.




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