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#DirtyThirty- The Dating Pressures To Overcome In Your 30s

dating pressures
Trust the process! Mr Right will find you.

When you arrive on the third floor there is all over sudden this pressure to tick the box of marriage and being a mother, and when your neither, on occasion, you can find yourself questioning whether it will ever happen for you.

If you’re single and unmarried, learn to take your time in making sure you’re connecting with the right individual and it’s important to overcome the pressures that dating brings, these include:

Dating Pressures

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Your independence is intimidating

When you’re in your thirties you’re more wise, often at the top of your game career-wise and are generally quite independent. Most men may find you intimidating either initially or as they get to know you, they became aware that they need to be a certain type of man to be able to keep you and because they feel they¬†cannot be they end up either ghosting or just ending it with some lame excuse. If this ends up being the case, trust me when I say they were never right for you in the first place. Keep doing what you are doing and being the best woman you can possibly be and the right man for you will find you.

The society dictates you should be married

Every time you attend a family occasion you have the aunties asking you where is your man because they want you to be next or worse yet you’ll have those that even tell you just bring us a child like they have plans to look after that child 24/7.

If you live to please family or friends you will end up walking a path that is not yours. Live your best life and trust the dots will connect as they should and need to.

dating pressures

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The Biological clock

This is a fact that cannot be denied and yes it is harder to have children when you’re a certain age as a woman but it’s better to take your time to have a child with someone who is on the same page than ending up pregnant and dumped.

The pool of quality men is small

The men you desire are often married and it seems as if your chances of ever meeting someone that is single are slim, and this I won’t lie can be quite demoralising. However don’t lose faith and hope, as long as you are¬†willingly putting yourself out there the right man who’s worthy of you will find you.


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Dating in your thirties requires you to be open-minded and you need to know what you’re looking for, and as soon as it’s clear the one your dating is just wasting your time ditch him and move on to the next. If there is something I have come to realise you will meet a lot more of the wrong type of men before you eventually meet the right one. So if you’re seriously dating, patience is a requirement.

When dating make sure you ditch old wife tales that no longer apply in 2018




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