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Contemplating On Divorce? Here Are 10 Reasons You Might Consider It!

Where are the papers!

Contemplating on divorce? This is always a question that has a lot of women in slipping into a temporary state of depression. I had to think long and heard, grab a pen and paper, and put all my thoughts down. No woman wants her children growing up in a broken home, but you’re human and also need your sanity. Gone are the days of “vumilia”, a state of perseverance.

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Here are the top reasons to consider a divorce:

1. Your spouse refuses to end an affair.

2. You are in physical danger.

3. Your children are in physical danger.

4. Your husband is addicted to alcohol or drugs and refuses to get help.

5. Your husband is putting you in an unsafe financial situation.

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6. Your spouse has a mental illness that causes a toxic environment and refuses to get help.

7. Your marriage is highly conflicted and it’s affecting the children.

8. You have given marriage counselling a fair trial, or your family has intervened and there has been no change.

9. Your husband is psychologically/emotionally/mentally abusive.

10. Your living situation is affecting your performance at home and work.

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I realize this is all easier said than done, but it must be done. Think about The Walking Dead. A relationship only one person is fully committed to be like a zombie: half alive, half dead. Your relationship only resembles what it used to be, and now it is capable of eating you alive. Let it go. Find a safer, happier place for you and your children.

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