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9 Places In Nairobi You Can Meet Foreign Men

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These are the places in Nairobi you can meet foreign men.

What’s wrong with this? Some women are tired of Kenyan men and want to try something new. Maybe you want to understand why some people insist that every other man is better when they are not Kenyan. Whatever your reason is, these are the places you can meet foreign men and you know what? You shouldn’t be ashamed of it, you have the right to choose the kind of men you want to date and you find them in these places.

1. Alchemist Westlands

The Alchemist is known for their variety of events and is known as a boujee place. If you’re interested in a cultured foreign kind of man you should try this place out. It is not the kind of place you go to dance to Nigerian music because they have a lot of trance music and it’s a chilled, nice place.

places to meet foreign guys in Nairobi

Image: alchemist

2. J’s fresh bar and kitchen 

There is one in Karen and another one in Westlands. There are many foreigners and people of mixed origins. It is quite chilled, sometimes it can get a bit wild but in a good way, head there with a few of your friends.

j's bar

Image: Tripindigo.com

3. Que Pasa

Que Pasa is in Karen, it doesn’t get too full, it’s a good place to go and have a polite one, plus you never know who you can meet there.

places to meet foreign men in Nairobi

Image: ue Pasa, Karen – Daily Nation

4. Geco cafe 

Geco cafe is in Lavington, on your way to Junction also known as Geco car wash, it has many foreigners both white and African so it’a about your pick. It’s a cute little place where you can read a nice book or a grab a cup of coffee.

places in Nairobi to meet foreign men

Image: TripAdvisor

5. KIZA 

KIZA is just that place to meet West Africans, after all they are foreigners. From Nigerians, to Ghanaian men, whatever you want they are all there, but be careful because West Africans in Kenya have a bad reputation.

Places in Nairobi to meet foreign men

Image: Bars Kenya

6. Karura forest 

Go for a run, would you? There are some people who have met the love of their lives in this forest. Foreigners like going there for a run, so why don’t you head there and do some hunting?

places in Nairobi to meet foreign men

Image: Culture Trip

7. Art cafe

Art cafe always has foreigners, it’s classy and elegant so go there looking the part. The chances of you meeting a foreign man here is very high.

places to meet foreign men in Nairobi

Image: Coffee & Bakery | Village Market

8. Black Diamond club

Black Diamond has many Asians if you like them and other foreigners as well. Just be sure that you look decent as you can be confused for the wrong kind of woman for example, a hooker.

places in Nairobi to meet foreign men

Image: Answersafrica

9. La Tasca 

La Tasca is an elegant bar in Lavington mall. You can head there on a nice sunny afternoon and meet men from different nations.

places in Nairobi to meet foreign men

Image: Daily Nation

You don’t have to travel to meet some of these foreign men. You can literally meet men from different cultures and all walks of life just based on where you go to. Try these places out and tell us what you think.

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