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8 Struggles Also Light Skin Girls Go Through

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Light skin girls also have struggles that  they go through.

Colourism has the focus on dark skin girls because society constantly discriminates them. However these are struggles that light skin girls also go through. You may not think of it as much but oh well, let’s flip the coin a bit and look at the other side. It’s the same way people assume that thin/skinny people don’t have issues while only big people have the right to complain. It doesn’t work like that, struggles are struggles and we all have them. Being a brown skinned girl I certainly know that I have gone through the following things.

1. Pimples look like mountains on the face 

Ever seen a light skin with a skin problem? It looks horrible because it stands out. It is uncomfortable to even have one pimple because it’s usually there waving at everyone and you’re just there feeling uncomfortable. On the other hand makeup can also look insane on you if done badly and on top of it some people don’t have the right colours.

 light skin girls

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2. People assume that brown/light skin girls are dumb

Yep, unfortunately people assume that life for light skinned girls is just easier. It’s like they have a hidden route where they go through and everything is well aligned for them, this is obviously not true.

struggles light skin girls have

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3. Guys like treating you like some sort of trophy and really objectify you

It’s like you become this guy magnet because of the standard that yellow yellow girls are easy and should be arm candy. You go somewhere with a guy and people just mention how light you are and it’s super annoying.

struggles light skin girls have

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4. People have all these names for light skinned girls that are annoying

Yellow yellow, light skin, rangi ya thao and it’s irritating. I mean our mothers gave us names for a reason and if you haven’t been told that name, don’t call someone based on their skin tone.


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5. Some girls who think light skinned girls are prettier won’t like you

I mean a girl will just tell you that you’re lucky because you’re light then be mad at you because you’re light. They will say things like “at least you’re light, I wish I was that light” and then after that they will simply loathe you.

light skin girls struggles

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6. When you wear provocative clothes people see everything

Because you’re light obviously if you wear a revealing top it’s like everything shines through.

light skinned problems

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7. Then some people say you wouldn’t be so pretty if you were dark

What does that even mean? Let’s work with what you’re seeing now and as a fact if I am light and I am pretty then just leave it at that.

light skinned girls

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8. People apparently think light skinned girls are mean 

There is a misconception that light girls are mean which is really not true. I mean there are some light girls who think they are bomb but that’s for any girl who let’s their beauty get to their head. This is just for silly girls not all light girls are mean.

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Say what you want but the pressure on light girls to always try and justify themselves is annoying. Constantly trying to prove to people that we are not mean, that we are all black people only that some are a shade lighter and that it doesn’t mean anything is a lot of work. Please give the light skin girl child a break as well.

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