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7 Things Girlfriends Want Side Chicks To Know

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Girlfriends want side chicks to know these things.

On behalf of all the girlfriends, we think it’s good to probably air what they feel. Since this side chick business has become so common let’s flip the coin a little bit and understand the main chick. Many people tend to think that being a side chick is perhaps the better option but here are the things girlfriends think about side chicks.

1. She hates you with a passion

She knows you and loathes you. How does she know? Because she probably snoops through his phone, she stalks you and thinks of ways of how to get rid of you.

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2. She consoles herself by telling herself she’s the first one

Yeah, the only thing is that you’re probably many of you, poor things. She tells herself that she’s the first one and that at the very least she has more privileges than you. She has probably met the family, she can stay at his place longer than you so she takes comfort in that.

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3. She’s the one who has more control than you

Yes, in some situation the girlfriend believes that she has more control than you. Basically, she is able to her man where he is and demands more from him than you can. She can ask him about his whereabouts, why he didn’t pick her calls and he may hate it but he will answer.

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4. Her man can leave you but can’t leave her 

She believes and knows in her heart that apparently, this man cannot leave her. She has been with him through the storm and hailstones because she has endured she believes he is not about to leave her. Also, he has had many side chicks before and they were all replaced she believes you will be replaced or eliminated.

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5. She’s the wife material and you’re garbage

Yes, she has met his family, she cooks for him and because she does wifely things and possibly has his kids you’re just a sex toy AKA garbage.

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6. You’re a whore and home wrecker 

Yes, you are the reason why her relationship is mostly on the rocks she thinks it’s your fault and trust me when I tell you she has told everyone about it. If the girlfriend is prettier than you, she will definitely highlight that when she talks about you.

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7. She wants you to leave her man alone

She doesn’t understand why you would intentionally be a side chick. She wishes to meet you, to get answers and get why you of all people can’t mind your own business.

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Thing is whether you’re a side chick or a girlfriend that knows your man is cheating, you entertaining it is nonsense. Your man is a cheater and he won’t change, if you choose to stay with a cheat you better be ready for all the stress you’re about to have in your life.

6 Things Girlfriends Should Know About Side Chicks




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