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6 Types Of Women That Will Always Make Other Women Jealous

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There are average women and there are those that are super extra.

The super extra type of women are women who will always make other women jealous. They intimidate the women who have low self-esteems and the ones who are still figuring themselves out. The women who have their own thing going and are not bothered by other people’s opinions are the ones who end up stepping on people’s toes. Question is, which side do you fall on?

1. The one in a stable relationship

This girl is not just in a relationship but she is in a stable one. She has a man who loves her, she keeps her relationship affairs to herself so no one really knows much about her dirt. Some women are always waiting for her and her boyfriend to break up or for him to hurt her in a bad way.

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2. The one with healthy long hair

Let’s admit it, having good hair is just a very big plus for very many women. We are all trying to have better hairlines, thicker hair and long but there are only some who can actually attain this.

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3. The one who is young and has a good career

She intimidates the older women and people the same age as her simply because she has goals and her passion for what she does intimidates other people.

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4. The one with a great body

Every woman aspires to have a great body. The women who have not made peace with their body eventually ends up hating on the ones who do. They say things like “she has a good face but not a good body”. That is usually just sad because the weight is something you can work on instead of hating on others.

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5. The one who brings all the boys to the yard

Of course, when you go with this girl you can be sure that all the boys want her number as you stand on the sides. She gets all their attention and she doesn’t even try hard. As a matter of fact, she sometimes gets tired of all the attention hence why girls are jealous of her.

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6. The one who seems rich and has everything going for her

She comes from a good family, went to good schools, she is pretty, has a degree and everything else is going well for her. The thing is, she is not perfect it’s just that she knows how to handle her life without spilling all the tea. She manages her life well and has no time for bull from other women or men.

The truth is, there will always be women who are better than you. The fact is that no one is perfect, we are all built from different experiences, circumstances that were presented to you because of how you were socialized. You should not be intimidated by someone else because of what they have because you also have something that they don’t have. Get it?

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