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6 Reasons Why Your Baby Daddy Is Not Marrying You

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There are actual reasons why your baby daddy is just not marrying you.

When a man knows that you already have his child, he will either treasure you or just get used to you.You may even date for a lifetime but you’re not his wife until you sign that marriage certificate. The fact that you have a child together doesn’t make him feel the need to put a ring on it and here’ why.

1. He already feels like your his wife

He feels like your his wife because you live together, you cook for him and ask him questions like a wife. Let me remind you, you’re not his wife unless he asked for your hand and you got married. What he got was a full family package for free, so why bother with other details?

reasons baby daddy doesn't want to marry you

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2. You already have his child so where are you going?

In his head he thinks he has already trapped you and he owns you. By you being the mother of his baby, he thinks he has every right to do whatever he wants. He cannot fathom that you could possibly move on and start a life with someone else when you have his child, how?

Reasons he doesn;t want to marry you

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3. He financially supports you

You are not independent and that’s a problem. A man who financially supports you will always believe you can’t do better than him. He owns you and he is not afraid that you will leave him, especially with his baby.

reasons he doesn't want to marry you

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4. You act like you can’t live without him

You have made him believe that because you have his child you cannot leave him. He has forgotten that there are very many men who would be willing to love you and your children.

Reasons baby daddy doesn't want to marry me

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5. There has been no pressure from family to get married

Ever since you got his child, your family sort of sold you off to this guy. Nothing was asked from him so he won’t feel the need to work hard if your family didn’t even ask for dowry for getting you pregnant.

reasons why baby daddy doesn't want to marry you

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6. He doesn’t see the point of marriage

He really does not, if he could be able to be in a long term relationship, call you wifey with no legal requirement then why should he marry. He knows you settled for no marriage from the word go so relax and accept that he is not interested.

reasons he doesn't want to marry you

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One thing you need to realize is that you don’t become his because you got his baby. You become his when you want and even better if he marries you. You were not some girl picked up from Mars, someone gave birth to you and raised you. A man has to treat you like you’re not some rat from a gutter, don’t live with him or settle just because of kids.

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