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6 Reasons Kenyan Men Don’t Like Women Like Akothee

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It’s only Kenyan men that wouldn’t like a woman like Akothee.

You see Akothee is a self-made woman. A woman who literally grew from a girl to a woman all by her own strength. She is not your typical 40 something year old, she doesn’t dress in the motherly looking type of clothes and she is certainly not boring. But there are different sides to her that Kenyan men cannot embrace and if you’re like her you may have trouble finding love in this country.

1. She is really independent

Many Kenyan men fear a super independent woman. They want the average Mary who isn’t thinking much about her life. Akothee has her own houses men are intimidated by such success and will instead either be trying to use you or put you down.


Source: Instagram.

2. She seems stubborn

I mean you’ve heard her talk, it’s safe to say she be quite opinionated and passionate about what she is saying. She seems like a no-nonsense woman, some Kenyan men like pushovers, they wouldn’t want you hurting their egos.


Source: Instagram.

3. She does what she wants and when she wants to

Really she is her own boss, she’s posted videos and photos of her doing things that most of us think damn she’s crazy. She is daring and a possessive Kenyan man would hate this trait. Yet she seems fun, playful and flaunts her body at the same time to an insecure man he would be very mad.


Image: YouTube

4. She has 5 kids

No man is ready to be a stepfather to many children at the same time. It’s hard and it would have to be a man who truly loves you and wants none of your money.


Image: IG

5. She is super strong

I mean she got her firstborn when she was still a teenager. After many hurdles in her life, she literally has her own kingdom with her princes and princesses.


Image: IG

6. She doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion

Literally, by the time you’ve gone through so much, many relationships later and still made it out of the gutter you’re allowed to not care about anyone’s opinion. She lives her life for her whether you like it or not. Some Kenyan men want a woman who will always live in other people’s light so that you don’t ruin his image or reputation. Who has time for that?

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She is a phenomenal woman, whether you like her or not. She doesn’t have your typical kind of life but she has many things we can take from her. If you’re strong, independent and even a bit stubborn you may have a tougher time finding love but the man who will love you won’t try to put you down at any point.

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