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5 Unforgivable Things You Should Not Let Your Man Get Away With

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Relationships are all about compromise, though there are some thing you just shouldn’t let fly when it comes to your partner.

We all have a good and bad side, flaws are something you can’t miss when it comes to your significant other. As much as we wished he were real, Prince Charming is a fictional character. Despite all this, there are some things that are a ‘no’ and you should not accept them if your bae has made it a habit to do them.

1. Cheat on you

This is a no-brainer. Honestly, if he does this the most you can do is forgive him (and this is a lot) but if he does it means he has no respect for the relationship or you. Leave his ass ASAP.

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2. Not taking you out

Not just out but on a proper date. You’re not asking to be wined and dined everyday but he should make this effort every once in a while.

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3. Not sharing chores

If he uses the excuse ‘But you’re the woman’ on you, he needs to see his life. It’s 2017 in case he doesn’t know and we are way past gender roles here.

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 4. Not get you off

Being selfish when it comes to sex is out of the question. If he doesn’t make an effort to please you and sees it as too much work, you need to re-evaluate your relationship. Unless you’re okay with spending it without orgasms.

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5. Lacks motivation

Oh yes, we all have those days when we don’t want to do anything. Being lazy once in a while is understandable, but if they never want want to do anything and lack motivation to better themselves, you’re doomed.

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When you keep entertaining low standards from a man and you don’t punish his reckless behaviours you will end up entertaining a lot more than you would want. Set the standards early and you will enjoy the fruits of your standards.

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