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5 Things To Do If Your Online Crush Doesn’t Look Good In Person

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If your online crush doesn’t look good in person then here are the solutions.

You see people post their best photos online. On the gram they are usually made up, a shade lighter, muscles seem to pop but in reality you meet shriveled looking man. You are forced to pretend that this man looks good or perhaps try and hide the shock. There’s a reason some men like finding their girlfriends online, this gives them time to prove that they have a good personality.

1. Can you overlook how he looks?

Yes, he probably didn’t post that he is missing a tooth on his photos. He looked leaner on his photos, you didn’t see his pot, he is too skinny and kumbe he has a big head? Well, all these differences you have noted are they things you can overlook?

what to do if your online date doesn't look the same in real life

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2. Does his online personality match his real personality?

He may have been funny online and then in real life he is just boring. If he doesn’t seem like the same person then maybe you should meet a few more times to conclude if he is boring or not. The first time he may be too nervous after all, most people hide their personalities behind their phones.

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3. Tell him he looks different 

Be like “wow, why do you look so different?” I am sure he will get the picture especially if he asks “in a good way?” please just shrug and laugh nervously, he will get that you’re not impressed.

things you need to know about online dating

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4. Ask him very many questions just in case he lied about anything

A man who posted so many false looking photos of himself may also have things that he is hiding about himself. Ask him and verify about the things he put in his profile, is he really a doctor?

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5. If it’s not cutting it please block, delete and move on

If things don’t add up then just delete, block and move on because you don’t need to be catfished in 2019.

things you need to know about online dating

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Online dating always has it’s own risks. You need to meet someone to know if they are real and if you find out they are real but boring that’s something else all together. At the end of the day take time to know someone and decide what you can work with and you can’t.

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