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5 Things He Needs To Do Before You Forgive Him For Hurting You

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These are the things he needs to do before you forgive him for cheating.

You can’t just take a guy back after hurting you and mistreating you. The first instinct for most women after being hurt is to fix things ASAP, you feel as if it’s your fault and you just want things to get better. However, it is not advised to take a man back quickly after he hurts you. You need to make a man pay for his actions and prove to you that he is actually serious, if he doesn’t do these things then you need to bounce.

1. He has to keep making it up to you

Forgiveness is a process and if he thinks you’re worth proving things to he needs to constantly work to making you feel comfortable. How does he do this? He will pick your calls, he will communicate at all times, he will take you out on dates and will literally do everything he needs to do to make you feel comfortable.

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2. A sincere and honest apology

An apology is not just about saying sorry, he needs to ask you what he can do to make things right. If he wants to make things right he should be willing to do whatever you ask him to do consistently. For example: if you don’t like him staying out late at night then he needs to be coming home early and if he has to be out late he needs to communicate and set a curfew.

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3. He needs to woo you until you feel like he is actually serious

Don’t agree to get back with him immediately, he needs to woo you back. Wondering what this entails? It basically means you’re not his until he earns you all over again because you’re worth it. Push him out of his comfort zone, let him know you can go out on dates and meet other people, basically live your life in peace. He needs to make you feel like he is serious and up for the challenge.

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4. He has to explain his actions and they have to make sense

Whatever he did he needs to have a valid reason that as to why he did it. A reason that has everything to do with his actions and not him blaming you for his mishaps. Remember that he is responsible for his actions, if he claimed he cheated because you made him feel lonely he could have communicated, don’t let him tell you that you are the reason for his BS.

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5. Him showing you he has gotten rid of his mistakes

He has to actively prove to you that he has become a different person, this will not take a week or a day. There will be days when you are frustrated, days when you don’t believe him and he needs to own and up and understand that healing is a process.

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You also need to weigh your options, how often does he repeat the same mistake? How many times have you forgiven him? Why are you forgiving him? Is your relationship toxic? Because if he generally a bad person it will not change any time soon.

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