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5 Reasons To Leave The Fucbois And Date An Older Man

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Goodbye Ben 10s!

Tumechoka pris. While the idea of dating an older guy may make you skeptical when you’re in your teens, by the time you’re in your twenties, it starts to seem like a great idea for many. After all, 25-year-old dudes are just that: dudes… Immature dudes at that . A man who’s five or ten years older is well on his way out of his dude phase and that’s a good thing. Never considered dating an older man? Here’s why you should.

1.They have their act together

There will be no shady behaviour with an older. Ati ghosting? What is that? Mara not picking your calls? He doesn’t know what that is either. Older men know what they want and if they want you, then sis they will make it crystal clear

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2.They know where the clitoris is

Instead of hooking up with this young bucks who can’t find your clitoris if you put it in their hands, get a man who knows what he is doing. The older man has more experience and knows which buttons to push to get you hot and bothered. Instead of being groped and then made to walk a whole kilometre in the dark to get an uber, just get an older man already.

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3.They don’t have roommates

Ugh. These tu-boys want to have 6 guys living in a 2 bedroom house  and we can tell you for free that the house will smell like death and Bama fish market rolled into one. Do yourself a favour and get an older guy who lives by HIMSELOF and has a mama fua who really deep cleans the house. We don’t want out here trying to keep from gagging because you went “to visit your man”

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4.They can hold a conversation

Mambo ya “hae plis thanks for the add ” or ” Tell me something nice” is not what we would call an exciting and stimulating conversation. We don’t want. Throw the whole man away.That is all you will get with this young kings. Sometimes you want a man who will tickle your brain, before he can tickle you else where (wink wink!)

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5.They know what a real date entails

If you are still interested in being dragged to a smoky local for nyama choma and a boti and calling that a date, we will leave you alone sis. Why are you taking your best wig to a dark smoky hall in the wall? Nope. An older man will take you to an actual restaurant with good lighting, wine and an ambiance. He knows you like to stunt on insta and you like to dress up and he wont want you choking on smoke.

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Now you know older men are the real plug. So lets just agree to leave this young kings behind and get with the better option. Do you prefer older men or your age mates? Tell us in the comments below.

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