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5 Reasons He Doesn’t Respect You

reasons he doesn't respect you
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He doesn’t respect you because you let him disrespect you.

No one can ever respect someone who doesn’t respect themselves. You may say that he used to treat you well once upon a time then he stopped because you started treating him like a god and showed him that you were too scared to let him go. He stopped because he knew that you were a weakling who could take anything from him. Now here are the reasons he doesn’t respect you.

1. You always forgive him

Yes, yes you’re meant to forgive your enemies but human beings are meant to be trained. By that I mean you teach someone how to treat you so if you always entertain his nonsense he will know that you’re the person to really mess with.

reasons he doesn't respect you

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2. You never punish him for his wrong doings 

By punishment I don’t mean you go and spank his ass. By this I mean when he is wrong and you can tell he is getting used to you, it’s time to give him the silent treatment or just give him a clean break, because why not?

reasons he doesn't respect you

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3. You let him feel like you can’t live without him 

When a man knows that you can’t live without him, he knows that you can do anything and he will get away with it. Why should someone treat you any better if you act like you deserve less?

reasons he doesn't respect you

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4. You haven’t set boundaries 

Boundaries are standards, standards that you have set in the relationship. If you have shown him that he can cheat, ignore you and treat you like trash and you will still give him the same treatment as a king then why should he work hard hard to respect you?

why he doesn't respect you

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5. They know you have low self-esteem 

Men know when a woman has self-esteem and it shows because by you taking on his bull crap is communicates that you’re a person who doesn’t have self worth.

why he doesn't respect you

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He will not respect you unless you respect yourself. So what does this mean, you need to put some respect on your name and don’t date anyone until you understand that you are more than enough.




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