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5 Reasons Girls From Kianda School Make The Best Wives

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Girls from Kianda school make the best wives.

Allow me to ruffle your feathers, I can already see you cringe wondering what’s wrong with all the other girls. I myself did not go to Kianda group of schools but I have met women from there and they are exemplary. It’s as if they go through some sort of “wife material” curriculum. If you want to acquire some skills get yourself a best friend from Kianda school.

1. Have you seen how proper they are?

Those girls seem to have a ruler in their backs, they walk with their heads up and straight backs all the time. It’s as if they went to Queen Elizabeth for training or she passed by their school and schooled them.

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2. They tend to have proper table manners

Ever eaten with girls from Kianda? You will feel sorta beastly, they obviously wouldn’t embarrass their husbands when they are taken to a proper restaurant. They don’t put their elbows on the table as the eat, they chew with their mouths closed and probably chew their food 100 times before they swallow.

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3. They value church and prayers

Kianda girls value church, you can be sure that their children and husband will have to go to church. Coming from a strict Catholic school means they have the values of nuns, I mean who wouldn’t want this?

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4. They dress very well, rather quite appropriate

They dress like Michelle Obama, not too much skin but mostly elegant most of the times. They can be considered uptight but it’s because they are the suitable home makers.

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If you think your school gave you more values and molded you into a upright woman write it in the comment section and we shall analyze.

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