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5 Reasons A Guy Ignores You When He’s On The Wrong

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Is he ignoring you when he’s on the wrong?

The silent treatment is used when someone is either really mad or when one is being manipulative. There are some people who choose to keep quiet when they know they are wrong because they are manipulative AF. A grown man should apologize and be ready to discuss and settle conflict when he loves you. These are the reasons he could have gone silent and it’s confusing AF.

1. He’s the manipulative type

Men know that women go crazy when they keep quiet. Your response to silence will most likely be to keep texting him, asking him what is wrong and also you may end up begging him for his forgiveness. It is a proper mind game, where he knows that what he did is wrong but let him torture you with his silence because he doesn’t care if you crack while you’re at it.

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2. He’s punishing you

You may have done something wrong to him but you cannot put your finger on it. Instead of telling you why he is ignoring you he would rather keep quiet but you also remember that he is the one who did something wrong first but now you’re being forced to feel or think that you did something. Someone who loves you and is mature will first let you know that he is hurt for a good reason and that he needs space, this can’t also be a daily thing.

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3. He has another girlfriend

Yes, I said it, he might have another girlfriend. Some men like creating conflict because they are in multiple relationships. What does this mean? He will ghost you so that he can enjoy his sweet time with whoever he is with. When he comes back he will act like he did nothing and that he was annoyed and needed some space. He may actually make you feel like you did something wrong while you really didn’t.

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4. He needs space

He may act like he needs space but if he did something wrong who is he to need space? He will act like the rough patch you’re on has everything to do with you and he needs some time off, wow!

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5. He’s trying to end the relationship

He wants to fade into thin air without a trace. Some men are idiots and don’t know what they want. Sometimes he acts like he can’t live without you while other times he acts like you didn’t mean anything. If he ignores you for a long period of time then he is basically telling you to leave him.

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When a man hurts you and refuses to take responsibility for his actions he is basically communicating his indifference towards you. He is telling you he doesn’t care about you and your feelings don’t matter. The best thing you can do to such a man is to move on, do it for yourself not so you can hurt him but so you can move on and get rid of this abusive cycle. Don’t allow him to wrap you around his little finger, take back your power, block him everywhere because he is full of shit and move on.

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