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5 Priceless Treats Your Man Will Love

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Yes, 90% of the time they are a pain in the ass.

But sometimes our men do deserve some appreciation. Let’s face it, they do put up with a lot of our craziness!

Here are 5 priceless treats for your man to show him you love him:

1. Cook for him

YESSSS! We can’t stress this enough and it never gets old. The way to your man’s heart is through his stomach (your legs too, but we’ll get to that…). If you can’t cook, take a cooking class or two. This shows that you’re really making an effort.

2. Watch his favourite sport

Join him to watch a game of football, but be careful not to interrupt with questions about the rules of the game that’ll probably annoy him. Let him have his one moment.

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3.Give him a massage

Whether it’s a back or foot rub, I’m sure he’s going to love every minute of it. Ignore that hard exterior ladies, whether they admit it or not, men love to be pampered.

4.Get him tickets to a concert with his friends

We all need some time away from our better halves anyway, because at the end of the day, you don’t want to lose your individuality.

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5. Put a bow on that ass

You’re the best gift of all! Yes, you need to hold it down in the bedroom. Men love sex, but let’s be real, we know you do too!

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