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4 Ways To Attract Rich Men

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Just the same way we talk about getting good guys there are many women who wish they could attract rich men.

You may say that it’s not about the money but the ideal man for many women is rich. The only way to attract a rich man is by also becoming important and successful. Quit the dream of just being a bimbo girl waiting for a man to take care of you and start being the woman most men would bend over backwards to be with. You attract who you are, so if you’re ratchet then you will be chasing them away. Here are ways to attract rich men.

1. Start hanging out in the right places

You can’t be hanging out in ratchet clubs and expect to get a decent man. You first need to upgrade to better areas such as hotels and country clubs, go there with a friend and make it a habit to hang out in places that are actually classy. Remember you are not a hooker, you’re just hanging out in places that will get you better people.

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2. Earn a man’s respect 

Do not sleep with him, once you sleep with a man too fast the interest usually fades. Instead lead him on with interesting conversations, be fun and do not be desperate. If he disappears because you didn’t give him sex then he was never worth your time, he was just going to use you. Give it about two to three months before even thinking about sex, let him chase you and see how far he would go for you.

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3. Have a life

No man wants a woman who is always available, honestly have a life. Getting a rich man should not mean that you are banking on him to be your bank, that is a gold digger. You’re getting a rich man because you know you deserve a man that is will match your ambition and goals.

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4. Dress to kill 

Most rich guys want women with class, dress to impress and dress how you want to be addressed. If you want to attract young successful men, do not be trashy, just make sure that you take care of yourself, have confidence, put a bit of makeup and invest in yourself.

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At the end of the day, searching and yearning for a rich man does not mean that all your problems end. You need to aspire to have your own money because no man respects a woman that is just waiting to be spoon fed. Up yourself as a woman, change your friends, sharpen your mind and never get tired of working hard.

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