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4 Sure Fire Ways To Handle A Jealous Boyfriend

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There comes a time in every woman’s life.

Three or so months down the line, you realize your new beau has a little green-eyed monster hidden somewhere but you don’t care! You want your mans and you want him now! Here are four ways to handle that, cause girl, you will need it

1. Talk about it

Get it? No? Whatever. Jealousy is completely normal in relationships and tends to pop up every once in a while. If you notice him acting a little off about someone or something in your life, talk about it and you’ll be surprised how quickly his unease will fade away.

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2. More than words

Maybe your man is feeling a little neglected especially if you have started a new job, gotten a new hobby and yes, even your baby will be the occasional cause of your hubby’s jealousy. Show him in little ways that you’re thinking about him and all that gooey mushy stuff that no one tells you men love. Well, we’re telling you! Get on it!

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3. Involve him in your social activities

We’re not asking you to invite him along to your local chama, but then again we’re assuming you have a life. If you have a hobby or activity that takes a lot of your time away from spending time being all booed up, include bae in them! He’ll probably say no to half of them too. Win-win! He thinks you’re awesome, you get some much needed alone time!

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4. Actually, go ahead and dump him

There are few situations in life from which you’ll need to walk away from, and this is one of them. We don’t care if he lays down some really good for you if you might end up dead because a random man looked at you funny! Walk away!  Good dicks without deep-rooted unresolved emotional trauma are everywhere and they are waiting for you!

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Ndio hioo. Please don’t tell we did not tell you. Tell us stories of that time you had a jealous boyfriend in the comments. We like our tea hot, hot, hot!!

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