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4 Silly But Truthful Reasons Why A Man Might Leave you

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There are some silly but truthful reasons why a man might leave you.

You see men are selfish creatures, they live for themselves, after all, Adam was alone before Eve. When a man seems to get tired of you sometimes it’s for silly things but his first reaction is to leave you. This means that when it comes to “for better or for worse” this is not your guy. Here are the sad but truthful reasons why a man may leave you.

1. You added on weight 

For whatever reason, you added on weight and he doesn’t like it. But instead of telling you he would rather make you feel like you’re no longer valid. He will make hurtful comments like “when I met you, you were smaller”. They can be quite brutal when you’ve just given birth and they still pressure you to look like Beyonce. Please, unless he can pay for a liposuction don’t feel any pressure. It is true though, you shouldn’t let yourself go but do it for yourself, not for him.

stupid reasons men leave women

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2. You’re more successful than him

Some men become very insecure when they realize that you’re probably doing better than him. He will probably start saying that you have become stubborn, you no longer listen to him and all you care about is money. For starters, your relationship with money should come before him. Never lower yourself to make a man happy because if he leaves, he will leave you empty.

stupid reasons why men leave women

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3. You stopped dressing well

In other words, you have let yourself go. Men are visual, so how you carry yourself and dress will always make him happy. He may pretend that he doesn’t care about material things but he does. You used to paint your nails, wear heels and now you just wear your tee shirt and scrawny pants. Instead of telling you, he may just let go.

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4. Your cooking

You don’t know how to cook and you haven’t learnt. If you have a man who values food more than life itself then you better know he will want a woman who can fit into those standards.

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5. You don’t like sex as much as him

Some men are sexual animals and if you’re with one and you don’t like it as much as him, it’s a problem. To him, sex is how he connects with you and by you saying things like ” I want us to only cuddle” he will probably just end up cheating and then blame you. So sad.

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6. He met someone new and it ain’t you

Unfortunately, you’re probably perfect in every area but he has a thing of getting bored. Once he conquers his new quests he moves on to the next one. This kind of man forever wants to chase, which means he will only like you if you don’t like him as much as he does. He is serial dater so sooner or later he will be gone.

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Sometimes the problem is very minor but some men like extending the problem. At other times a guy may have been planning to break up with you but he has been looking for a reason. He will look for the smallest reason and pin it on you. If a man will leave you for something stupid, don’t bother following him. Get a man who understands that you’re not perfect.

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