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4 Signs You Haven’t Forgiven Him For Being Unfaithful

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So you and your man have gone through a rough patch in your relationship and trying to recover from that takes a lot of time and communication. Your man cheated on you in the past and he did apologize for his infidelity and shit, but a part of you still harbours some ill feelings towards him still. You think you’ve moved past it, but the truth is you’re still dealing with it knowingly and unknowingly. Here are some signs.


1. You don’t trust him around other women

If it were up to you, the only women your man would interact with would be his mom, your mom, his siblings and yours. Anyone besides that might derail and tempt him to stop being committed to you. Regardless of how innocent a friendship may be, you don’t make an effort to get along with the women he hangs out with be it at work or event and eventually becomes the centre of every fight you have with your man. Sigh.

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2. You joke about you cheating

This is all in the title anyway. More often than not, you find yourself joking about cheating and what would happen if you did and the likes of being unfaithful. As much revenge might seem like the best option at that moment, it only makes the situation worse than it already is. If you had forgiven him you would understand just how much cheating destroys relationships and isn’t something to joke about.

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3. Sex is all but thought to you

If you’re not comfortable with getting freaky with him in the bedroom or wherever then you really haven’t put it to rest. If you need time to heal, say it. There is no need in pretending to enjoy sex when all you’re thinking about is him cheating. Girl, let go of that stress.

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4. You don’t want him to go out

This means you don’t trust him at all. If he tells you that he’s going to meet up with his friends, you catch feelings and this leads to a fight with him. Then you being you, you’ll bring up his past.

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Don’t pretend to be fine when you’re really not. If it’s still such a big issue for you, tell him about it. There is no need of moving forward when you still have the fire in your heart boo.

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