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4 Reasons You Should Not Post Your Relationship On Social Media!

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Even Lil Wayne tried to tell you but do you people listen? NO! I mean love is beautiful but social media is forever and it never forgets. Our CVs, Our CV, our opinions and our comments, our petitions, our personal information are on the internet ,and now our relationship as well? Please No. Some things are better left unsaid. Also it’s called personal life for a reason. Here are a few reasons social media should not hear about your significant other.

1.Your relationship is more than a hashtag

We all remember Otile Brown and Vera Sidika, then in love, radiant and the definition of #couplegoal #blacklove #perfectcouple #andwhateverhastagthatdescribestheperfectcouple for many of us, until the scandals started  breaking out every  few weeks  and the negative comments, insults and cruelties began polluting the couples account by exposing the betrayal. Yes, because behind every hashtag lies a reality that we don’t always want to show. Nobody want to turn their  relationship into a mini TV reality show by exposing my daily life to strangers.

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2. You have nothing to prove

Why do you need external validation of your own relationship from other people? You  don’t have to prove to anyone that you are  in a happy and healthy relationship.  Why should you have to convince others that your man is yours? Does he buy a  a bouquet of flowers once a week? Do you  travel hand in hand?Just  refuse to enter into this virtual competition of who makes the best Instagram couple sis.

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3. It’s bad for your mental health

Comparison is the thief of joy aki. The more you post about your relationship and get LIKES, the more pressure you will feel to top your last post. Social media is fickle and you cannot depend on it to bolster your self confidence and the state of your relationship. As soon as the LIKES stop flooding in, you will experience a strong feeling of emptiness and for what?

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4. It will affect your patner negatively

Maybe bae is a private person and doesn’t want every single move he makes to be on blast on these social media streets You guys will start fighting about something so unnecessary and before you know it, you have to break up. Respect your partner’s wishes. As long as your friends and family know that you are dating, Instagram does not need to know as well. Keep it to yourself.

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The best sign of a good relationship is no sign of it on social media. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below whether bae should be on your social media or nah?

4 Reasons Otile Brown And Vera Sidika Need To Stop Posting On Social Media




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