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4 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Ex In 2018

No room for ex-tras.

Ladies, ladies, ladies if you are still in contact with your ex(es) then there’s something you’re doing wrong. Remember the reason ya’ll went your separate ways and leave him where your relationship ended. There is no need to carry him with you into the new year. For what though? Is he you? is you he? Nah girl. You need to move on and focus on yourself honey. Here’s why

1. You’ll never find the right person if you keep looking back

Girl, you and your ex broke up for a reason. Let it stay that way. You won’t be able to move forward if you’re still entertaining your boo from the past. Focus on the future and once you let that man-go, you will attract exactly who you deserve. I mean it

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2. If he hurt you before, he’s bound to do it again

Do you really want to relive the past again? I don’t think so.He may seem to be different and shit, but in reality he’s gonna fuck up even more this time around. You deserve better. Leave him in 2018. there is no way you’ve got room to carry him forward into 2019. You feel me?

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3. Things won’t be the same

So, you may or may not be hung up on this guy, you think that things will be different if you give him a second chance and all that, but the truth is; what you had then, isn’t what you’ll have now. Remember that you guys broke up for a reason. Do you really want to start off your 2019 badly? No girl. Let him go. It’s for the best.

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4. He probably doesn’t respect you

When an ex comes back and you openly entertain them as if nothing happened between ya’ll, then chances are he will take advantage of you boo. Like, seriously. He will walk all over you and you’ll become his puppet. Do you really want this?

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Get into the new year with a new attitude and everything. There is no need for you to carry things that mean nothing to you. That is why it’s called the past. Not the future. Got it boo?

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