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4 Reasons Kenyan Men Are So Bitter With Kenyan Women

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Kenyan men are so bitter with Kenyan women.

Have you not noticed? With the recent killings that have been going on in Kenya it is evident that majority of Kenyan men are bitter with Kenyan women. Some shallow Kenyan men assume that women are being killed because they are stubborn, have sponsors and perhaps even deserve to die. Others have made fun of the fact that a lady was literally hacked to death and some men think that this is the way to deal with women. Here are some reasons Kenyan men are so bitter.

1. Some Kenyan women prefer older men AKA sponsors

Some Kenyan women prefer older men AKA sponsors, basically men who can facilitate their expensive lifestyles. Most young Kenyan men feel like they cannot compete with these men as a result they have become bitter and insecure. Yet some Kenyan women have said that older men are mature and are willing to love and respect a woman, a concept some young men don’t understand.

kenyan men don't like kenyan women

source: theGrio

2. Apparently Kenyan women have “maringo”

There’s no doubt that Kenyan women are more independent which obviously means that their standards have been raised. Kenyan women can now buy for themselves houses,booze, food and all manner of things. However, Kenyan men can’t handle being rejected hence why some of them shoot people and kill women when they have been rejected.

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source: , Exposure is Not a Real Form of Payment | Awesomely Luvvie

3. Kenyan women are apparently overwhelming 

Kenyan women are overwhelming in their nature because they are hard workers, independent and outspoken. However, Kenyan men like insinuating that these traits make a woman rude and not submissive which is utter nonsense.

Kenyan women

source: Awesomely Luvvie

4. Kenyan women love money too much

Yes, broke Kenyan men always cry that Kenyan women love money too much and that they don’t like high maintenance woman. Who doesn’t like money? Kenyan women are busy looking for their own money so should they entertain a man who is not ambitious or has his own money? It will be hard!

kenyan men are bitter

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This is based on opinion so feel free to engage in the comment section and tell us what you think. Shouldn’t Kenyan men stop whining about Kenyan women and actually start acting like men who deserve good women?

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