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3 Reasons You Should Not Date A Man With A Child

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It might be too much for you.

Ladies,we all have that phase, when one needs to decide whether to give a certain guy a chance or to pass of the opportunity and wait for a better man,one who you believe will be best for you, right?So what happens when you meet the perfect man with all the qualities you’ve ever wanted in a man?Hardworking,loyal,caring,loving,responsible but there’s a catch!He came forward and told you that he has a kid, who’s not yours of course.What would you do?Would you risk and cave in to him and allow a relationship or would you weigh the pros and cons first?We are not implying that dating men with kids should be a no-no!They are men too ,yes but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you can be able to handle that kind of life.And trust me.It’s.Not.Pretty.

Here are the reasons why:
1.You’ll never come first

As a woman you’ll want to be cherished and treated with the right amount of attention and love but when kids or a kid is in the picture you most certainly can not expect a guy to look after your needs before the child’s.

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2.Baby momma drama

Your man understands that the other woman is the one who allows him to see and spend time with his kid so he will probably tolerate all the drama that she brings along. This might get ugly especially if the woman doesn’t want you two together.

3.You’ll have to accept the child

But will the child accept you?She or he might up viewing you as the evil step mother and end up being stubborn and rude to you.You will have to be understanding,empathetic and try to get to know the kid better but if they don’t want that to happen it might become a stressful situation.

stressed, overwhelmed, fatigued, unhappy

As we stated earlier,do not make your judgement on just pure emotions,work out your decision on the basis of who you are as a person. Can you handle all the drama and challenges that come with it? If so,go ye forth and have the time of your life girl!

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