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3 Reasons He Doesn’t Want To Hangout With You

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Get to know why he is avoiding you.

Have you noticed your potential crush or your bae has been flaky of late when it comes to spending time with you? All you’ve been getting is excuses and last minute arguments that  just cause a bigger rift between you two.So how do you know if he’s avoiding you or it’s just a matter of he just can’t because of other commitments?When it gets to a point where it’s clear and evident that the excitement to hang out with you isn’t there from his side,is when you’ll realize that it’s getting bad. Spending time with your loved one is an essential part of the relationship that should be taken seriously.

Here are some reasons why:
1.A breakup is on the way

He  might be too scared to break the news to you and is just waiting for the relationship to fade away on its own.As unfair as it is,try to brace yourself and accept what’s coming. Men naturally don’t know how to have the breakup conversation and this ends up causing relationships to end without closure.

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2.He is committed to someone else

The time he used to spend with you is probably being taken up by some other girl.It might be someone he temporarily has feelings for or someone he is thinking of having a future with.

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3.He feels like you are not fun enough

If it’s something new he might feel like you two don’t have that much in common. When it comes to picking things to do together it gets hard and eventually he starts to avoid you altogether. In the case of a relationship that’s been working for a while,the guy might feel like you’ve either become too uptight or he doesn’t feel safe anymore to hang  with you because you always end up arguing anyway.

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In any relationship,time set aside for the both of you should be taken seriously as it’s essential in getting to know each other,your perks, your peeves etc.Furthermore how else will you make cute memorable moments when you are miles apart?

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