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Kitchen Hack! 5 DIY Paper Towel Holder Ideas For Your Velvex Kitchen Towels

DIY Paper Towel Holder Zumi
Transform your kitchen with these easy and creative DIY ideas!

Finding a paper towel holder that is not only functional but aesthetically appealing as well is no walk in the park, especially if you are not looking to spend an extravagant amount of money for it. The next best thing? A DIY, of course! Those Velvex kitchen towels lying in your kitchen cabinet will look fabulous hanging from your unique paper towel holder.

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We have rounded up some DIY paper towel holder options that you can make yourself and that will still look amazing in your kitchen!

1. Suspended Copper Pipe.

This option is simple, modern and sophisticated and because it hangs from the cabinet, it reduces clutter from the countertops, leaving your kitchen looking clean and simple. All that is needed for this is piping material from a hardware store and you are good to go! See the step-by-step guide on how to make it here.

DIY Paper Towel Holder Zumi

Photo: Martha Stewart

 2. Wooden Beads.

If your style is edgy and eclectic, then this super easy wooden bead paper holder is right down your alley. This piece is different from anything you have ever seen, but will surprisingly look super chic in your kitchen. All you have to do is to thread a few wooden beads onto some string and use a hook to hang it on the wall! Feel free to paint the beads to work with whatever colour scheme you would like.

DIY Paper Towel Holder Zumi


 3. Upright Iron Pipe.

This option is quite similar to the copper piping DIY one that we looked at earlier, but I love that the use of iron instead of copper gives the perfect blend of modern and traditional-rustic, which means it can work in pretty much any kitchen! Check out this simple project here.

DIY Paper Towel Holder Zumi

Source: ItsyBitsAndPieces

4. A Leather Touch.

This paper towel holder is so stylish, unique and versatile, and would be a perfect fit for either a rustic type kitchen or a modern one. See how easily you can achieve this in your kitchen here!

DIY Paper Towel Holder Zumi

Photo: Martha Stewart

There you have it, ladies! Which one will you be trying out soon? Check out why we wish Mulunda Kombo was single! 




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