3 expected life changes in your 20’s That You'll Probably Go Through

3 Expected Life Changes That You’ll Probably Go Through In Your 20’s

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Change is inevitable and that is just one of those laws of nature. The good thing is, there is almost certainly a growth in every change.

As we journey on in life, nature molds you into the queen you are supposed to be. This transition may at times go unnoticed, because as it is happening, life is also busy pulling you in all directions. Your 20’s are your most definitive years as a woman.  Let’s have a look at some of the changes we experience with time.


Gravitating towards solitude

Growing up, we are always pushed to believe that having friends around is cool. However, as the adventurous teenage years get behind, one begins to realize how important it is to have your own space. Most of your free time, don’t be surprised to find yourself in the company of the three musketeers; the couch, remote and your phone. It’s like we suddenly realize that the best friend we can have around is ourselves and this is when the growth kicks in.

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All the unquenchable shopping desires that epitome at teenage, strangely disappear as you progress in your 20’s. Though you are stingier with your Friday nights and weekend plans, you tend to get a bit more kind with your finances, especially towards friends and colleagues that you interact with. As such, buying wedding gifts for people you’ve met only months before doesn’t seem like such a big deal. You also stop bothering about the numerous dresses in your closet, comfortably going out regularly with a similar outfit.

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Personal Responsibility

This one comes with acceptance of self. You realize that nobody’s got you like you. No more expecting people to come through for you. You also just can’t have random plans because you have errands to run the next day, your mood doesn’t shift based on someone else’s and you actually have to clean up, work out, dress up and show up like the Queen you are.

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Looking back, does this feel like something you’ve gone or are going through? Let’s talk on the comment section below.

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