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4 Kenyan Paintings That Will Take You Back In Time

Safaricom Kenya
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Kenyan art at its finest.

There are many things that people say about Kenya. There is the Kenya we see, the Kenya others see and the Kenya we hope to become. This year, we chose to celebrate our country by listening to more local music, watching movies and series that were shot by Kenyans in Kenya. We also want to travel and see more of the country we love. Mombasa should not be the only vacation options.

This year, we have a chance to celebrate our country through the eyes of gifted Kenyan artists. The gifted artists are the 36 shortlisted and featured on the Safaricom 2019 calendar. These are the paintings that took us back to times when things were simple and quiet

Here are the paintings that would totally make your day.
1. Suswa – Costa Ojwang.

Safaricom Paintings

2. Market Day by Daniel Njoroge.

Safaricom Paintings

3.Kangas and Baskets By Kathi Katitu.

Safaricom Paintings

4. Dad Nataka Simu By James Kamande

Safaricom Paintings

Which of these Kenyan paintings is your favorite? Have a look at other winning paintings. 




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