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Jumia Black Friday Deals Rundown: Smartphones at 100bob & ZUMI’s tips!

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Heard about Jumia Black Friday?

Black Friday kicked off on Thursday, November 7th, at 11:59 pm and will run for 3 weeks. Jumia customers are enjoying savings of up to 90% on thousands of products listed on the site. And we all know that when it’s time for an upgrade, one of the first things we all want to change is our phones. Most of us need to stock up on essentials because January is coming, fam! That said, looking through the items on offer, we’ve been seeing that there’s also an opportunity to get going on our goals for 2020.

The Biggest Save of the Year!

This year some lucky people are buying boda bodas from Car & General at just 100 bob! Three already went to customers in Kajiado, Nairobi and Mukuru Kwa Njenga. Say what you want but those things are very serious businesses on two wheels.

If your ambitions happen to be more modest, you can still get sugar for 50 shillings while the getting’s good, and stock up on legit makeup for under KSh 300. Like, nothing is too big or too small or too random. There’s someone selling it on Jumia, and the price is probably good.

At first I thought it was all too good to be true, but I can actually testify that Jumia really seems to have something for everyone, from basic fundamental dry goods to those big ticket items that can just change your life. As a young mom, it’s important to me personally to be able to stock up on dry goods and cleaning supplies, and have them appear at my doorstep! This is how I need to shop in 2020.

This time Kenyans aren’t playing!

Shoppers on the Jumia App. Source: Courtesy.

Apparently, customers from all over the country logged on to the site at midnight to be the first to get 2019’s Black Friday deals. Jumia Kenya CEO Sam Chappatte reported hundreds of orders in the first minutes of the sale. He also advised shoppers to look out for the daily surprises that will be announced on the platform.

ZUMI Tips to Save Money this Black November:

My advice: Look out for the smartphones going for 100 shillings – if you miss them, don’t turn your nose at the other offers; there are deals that will let you save as much as 10,000 shillings on a new phone. If you live on your own and perhaps want to stock up ahead of that Christmas trip upcountry, get those 2kg pack of sugar going for KSh 50. Unga is going for KSh 72. I’d also look at the hand washing powders. If you’ve been looking for a TV set, please – i don’t know why you’re still reading this article.

Shoppers picking up their packages on Day 1 of Black Friday 2019. Source: Courtesy

Pro-tip 1: Download the Jumia app so you can keep tabs on the flash sales that happen every day at 09:00am. Apparently 75% of shoppers thus far have been using the app, both to access offers exclusive to shoppers on the app, and also for the convenience.

Pro-tip 2: On November 29th, the final day of the sale, Jumia has announced a major sale on alcohol. Somebody say December sorted. Mark your calendars.

Pro-tip 3: Make your shopping list in order of priority. We’re all human. When you see so many good things, sometimes you can get confused. So head over with a plan. Do your monthly shopping list, your shags shopping list, Christmas and New Year’s. Don’t be that person who goes impulse buying, a microwave when what you really need is a laptop. At the same time, browse properly and open your mind. That item you think you’ll only be able to afford in June 2020 might be accessible now. Good luck!




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