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It’s A Girl! Bahati and Diana Marua Just Welcomed Their First Baby

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This must be the ultimate valentine gift a guy could ever ask for! Diana just gifted Bahati a beautiful baby girl.

After trying to hide the pregnancy from his fans for quite a while now, the gospel artist broke the news this early morning that his wife to be Diana has given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

His post reads, “

“GLORY TO JESUS!!! This Morning this Girl @Diana_Marua has given me the greatest gift of Life #BouncingBabyGirl 3.24kgs ❤ …”

And did we tell you that her name is Heaven?


Trust, we’re just as confused as you are but the baby already has an Instagram account that is slowly but gradually gaining followers by the hour.

She already has over two thousand followers!

Bahati and Diana held their traditional wedding last year, and word is, they hurried it along to prevent a scandalous situation where the man of God is accused of impregnating his girl before marriage.

While they didn’t confirm or deny it, the cards are lining up and we won’t be surprised if in a few months, we’ll be spotting Diana at bridal shops.

But hey, we wish them the very best in their new journey called parenthood.

It’s no secret that Bahati adores babies considering Heaven is an addition to the two he already adopted. Check out Grace Msalame’s new love.






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