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How To Use Hand Held Blenders To Make Soups, Smoothies & Juice

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Here is how to use a hand held blender.

Getting fresh juice in your system is the best thing you could ever do for your body. Fresh juices and smoothies are not only easy to prepare at home but super cheap as well. According to the Huffington Post, Fresh juice contains more vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional compounds like enzymes and flavonoids than the canned or bottled options you find in grocery stores. Store-bought juices also often have added sugar. Homemade juices also contain increased antioxidant, antiviral, and anticancer properties.

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Creating a perfect juice or smoothie requires a device to help break down the fruit to liquid. Ordinary blenders have been the favorite pick for most people but there is a new favorite for people who love soups and juice. The hand-held blender is fast, easy to clean and super practical.

Here is how to use a hand-held blender.


You can buy an affordable hand held blender from Jumia Kenya for Ksh 2799.

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