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How To Save Money On Transport In Nairobi

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How do you save money on transport?

One of the biggest expenses on anyone’s budget is always transport. You may think that using a matatu would be enough but it never really is. With this economy we are expected to actually help each other more often. The only way to save money is to make more acquaintances and have a proper budget that is functional and works for you. So how do you save transport money?

1. Live near your work place/campus

You might think that living further may be cheaper but calculate the money you use on transport in a month and see if it’s an amount you can add to rent and live closer to work or school. The only other way to live closer is by renting a house with trusted people that is closer to your workplace, so if rent is 60k but it’s a 3 bedroom you can all do 20k each, which is better than living far right?

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2. Walk more

We know this sounds rather obvious but it’s not. You know those short distances you use a matatu instead of walking? Get rid of those short distance matatus and just walk instead, if you usually pay 20 shillings for a short distance save that money both ways that’s 40 shillings a day which is 200 shillings a week which is 800 shillings a month, what can you do with 800 shillings? Save.

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3. Use a shuttle

There are many apps nowadays that are accessible and cheaper. They will save you the hustle of looking for a mat, what you do is order for a shuttle online, you get to choose the pickup location and you already know how much it will be since it’s a fixed amount you’ll be able to budget better.

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4. Carpool

Share costs with other people who live near your area and you work around the same area. Never take a lift from your workmate every single day and you don’t contribute to fuel, have a plan with the car owner and see how it can help both the driver and yourself. If not, plan to use a cab even if you’re 4 people and see how much it will cost going to the same location then cost share.

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You are responsible for your finances, write down how much money you already use on transport then see where you use the most and think of which of the above solutions can you actually use to help you? You’re welcome.




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