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These Monday Motivation Quotes Will Give You The Kickstart You Need

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Monday blues!

Monday motivation loading, the first day of the week encompasses all sorts of emotions, how about we switch it up with positive quotes. Remember the attitude you have at the start of the week determines how the rest of your week will go.

1. You are capable of amazing things

Best believe you are, you weren’t created to be ordinary.

2. Mondays are for fresh starts

Shift your mindset, whatever happened last week, shouldn’t affect your new week

3. Hey warrior, keep going.

Let nothing and no one keep you from rising beyond your warrior spirit.

4. Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.

The power of positivity takes you a long way, stay in that beautiful realm and watch beautiful things happen. Honest hard work always pays off.

5. All the progress takes place outside the comfort zone.

Progress needs something drastic to take place, only then will you harvest better results, if you must quit that job, do it!

6. Monday is a state of mind

Don’t believe in the common norm “Monday blues” Monday is just a day like any other day.

7. Prepare your mind, enlarge your vision

Every Monday should be a new day, a new start, a new energy, a prayerful cleanse.

Have yourselves a beautiful start to the week, bless your week and start on a clean slate.

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