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Do You Journal?

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When It comes to keeping a journal, I’m sure the first thing you think about is the ‘dear diary’ narrative saved for high school sweethearts and awkward phases in life. Science however continuous to dissolve the scepticism. For those sitting on the fence, I hope this article will excite your passion for journaling.

To begin with, strong cases support that journaling improves your IQ. Studies from the University of Victoria noted that “Writing as part of language learning has a positive correlation with intelligence.” By continuously increasing our vocabulary and writing to convey our emotions. This comes hand in hand with a persons intelligence.

Other benefits of journaling includes invoking mindfulness. There is a strong connection between happiness and mindfulness. Bringing your thoughts together and articulating them on paper often helps us compartmentalise the mess of thoughts and emotions that consume our mind daily.

When it comes to achieving goals having a journal can be of use! By writing down your dreams and goals it communicates to your brain what you value and that that is important. From there your mind will use this framework when it comes to decision making and before you know it you’ll be on the journey of your dreams!

The list can go on and on, journaling is a perfect tool when it comes to healing from past trauma or becoming self-aware to the trials and tribulations that you face. As well as being a platform to grow your self-awareness, it can improve your communication skills, strengthen your discipline, boost your memory and spark that inner creativity!




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