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Hands Down! The Most Glamorous Way To Create New Year’s Resolutions

Joanna Kinuthia
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New year resolutions work and we will show you how!

New Year, New Me! Is definitely something many people say every other year! We make new years resolutions that are thrown into the bin on January 10th. Creating resolutions that do not fit into your life in any way is one of the reasons why they do not hold ground for long. Other people decide to never have resolutions because according to them, that is a waste of time! Well, regardless which team you belong to, the truth of the matter is creating plans and goals for your year is a fabulous idea because we all need something to drive us into traveling, getting that house, buying that land, getting that hairstyle you have always wanted to, going back to school, rekindling with an ex-flame or  even taking more time for self-love.

One reason why many people give up on their resolutions is that they are verbal or mental, the best way to be accountable to yourself is by creating a dream board. A dream board is a visual representation of things you would like to do or have.

Youtuber, Amber School creates one every year and it works wonders for her. Here is how to create your very own glamorous dream board. 

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