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Girls Vs Boys, Who Is The Easier Child To Raise?

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Can we finally end this parenting debate over which sex is more challenging to raise?

Moms to the boy child will tell you that boys are made of  ‘fights, farts and endless dirt’ and girls are made of ‘sugar, spice and everything nice.’ We tracked down experts in these fields, moms of both the boy and girl child to settle the debate.

The Boychild

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Pros: Boys are super cute and as a mom, you will always be a favourite with them (sorry dads). There is nothing quite as wonderful as coming from a hard day to someone who loves you.

Cons: Woi! The boy child is so naughty. Get ready for broken dishes, torn curtains, traumatized household pets… the whole 9 yards. Boys are climbers and fighters and are not afraid of hurting themselves (Hello Hospital Bills). They pretend to be deaf when you are giving instructions and can’t seem to speak at a normal human volume.

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Conclusion: Boys are the best and the worst at the same time. You can’t help but love them

The Girl Child

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Pros: They are so unbelievably cute and you can dress them up like dolls, however if you have a tomboy then good luck. They are much happier to “help ” around the home and get things nice and organize.

Cons: Fam, if you are an introverted parent get ready to be talked to death. Girls, learn to talk much faster than boys so get ready to hear about a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY. Phew. Your little girl will also pick up cues on how to be a woman from you if you constantly call yourself fat, don’t take compliments or refuse to be in pictures, guess who is watching? You have to be extra careful so she can grow up to be super strong and confident.

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Conclusion: Girls may seem to be easier to raise but they do come with their own set of issues and challenges.

So there you have it. Tell us in the comments, which sex is easier to raise… Is it the boy child or the girl child?

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